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Sabtu, 01 Mei 2010


Potret Pendidikan Indonesia
“A Reflection of Education for Indonesian Future”.

Juries, ladies and gentlemen, Standing here, I would like to deliver my speech under title “Reflection of Education for Indonesian Future.
Ladies and Gentlemen:
Do you still remember the tragedy of the atomic bomb fell on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan, in 1945? It became the world's historical record. Japan devastated. At the same year in Indonesia, August 17, 1945, our nation celebrated independence as a sign of the escape from the hands of colonialism. Japan was devastated country, Indonesia got freedom. Logically, a country that developed rapidly since Indonesia had a chance to build itself our nation (Indonesia). However, reality shows the fact on the contrary; today Japan is superior country that built itself and the far left Indonesia.
Ladies and Gentlemen, do you know why it happens?
The key of success that Japan established itself is a great attention to the development of Human Resources by paying attention education. The first step taken from Japan government was to record how many teachers and doctors were still alive. The result is very amazing. After approximately 20 years, Japan can become an advanced country. For education sector, Japan is the best nation of Asian. Japan is really aware that teacher has crucial role in developing country.
Happy brothers and sisters,
What about in Indonesia?
Indonesian government is far behind from all especially Asian nations. This is supported by the lack of government attention. If there is a concern but it is serious and professional in management. Furthermore, the process of management is not transparency and inappropriate policy whereas our country is considered as one of the countries that has sufficient natural resources as a major capital to build the country. But the reality of poverty and unemployment still become the main enemy. We may forget that the progress of a nation depends on the merit of human qualities or human development index.
Indonesian government is far behind from all especially Asian nations. This is supported by the lack of government attention. If there is a concern but it is not serious and professional in management. Furthermore, the process of management is not transparency and inappropriate policy whereas our country is considered as one of the countries that has sufficient natural resources as a major capital to build the country. But the reality of poverty and unemployment still become the main enemy. We may forget that the progress of a nation depends on the merits of human qualities or human development index. Jhon Neisbitt Mega trends in 2000 in his book reminds us by saying: "A poor country could rise, even without the natural resources abundant, if the nation did enough invest, namely in terms of quality human resources."

Ladies and Gentlemen
Then, how do we have attitude the weaknesses of our education above? It is difficult to change our nation problem which has more than 210 million people whereas our nation will face hard challenge in the future concerning the life of Indonesian people in national and global life among the nations of the world.

The main key of education success for the future is we must be optimistic about the future without having to lose our rationality to be always self correct and improve our weaknesses. The rise of education budget that becomes 20 % of national budget is a clear proof from government attention to the development of our education.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Optimism is not enough if not preceded by concrete steps. Then what concrete steps can we do to improve our education in the future? Exactly the answer is very much, but I personally try to give a simple answer. These answers are a reflection for us.

One: education is a responsibility of all citizens. It is not just responsibility of school. We have a moral obligation to save education. The government must also guarantee citizen by giving free education such as fellowship especially for poor student.

Two: I convince a paradigm that says” besides schooling education, there is another important thing namely education begins from family. This paradigm is very important for parent to build human character in the future.

Three: education curriculum, good evaluation system. Government provides the broadest authority to formulate their own curriculum. This curriculum was developed by the educational unit to allow adjustment of educational programs to the needs and potential that exists in schools.

Four: improving teacher’s quality as profession through teacher certification program as well as appreciation to the teacher by giving wage or teacher subsidy. This policy constitutes a concrete effort to the teacher proficiency, improving quality of learning process and finally improving quality of student’s learning output.

Five: education is not only for educating children in a single category of intelligence, such as only intellectual intelligence (IQ) but also to develop other intelligences like spiritual intelligence (SQ), emotional quotient (EQ), and so on. Therefore, one of the causes of our nation in a protracted crisis is poor of Spiritual quotient. Corruption, collusion, nepotism and premanism are a manifestation of failure of our educational products. Inspired by the movie "Laskar Pelangi by Andrea Hirata, There is valuable lesson we can take from the film” someones’ intellegence can not be measured with brain solely, written with the numbers but also measured from the" heart ".

This is my speech; we hope that Indonesian education can produce personality or coming generation which has moral, independence, mature, honest and good character. And finally our education will be qualified and advance as well as give a great contribution to the advance of our country in all aspects.


الحمد لله رب العالمين والصلاة والسلام ..............................................................

Firstly, All praises are to Allah, makes this world complete with beautiful something, so we attend in the nice occasion
Secondly, Peace and salution be given to our the best and greatest prophet Muhammad SAW that we hope His help in doomsday. He is as the islamic hero who helped us to go out from stupidity era to modern era until now.
Thirdly, big thank to our teacher that gives me time to deliver my speech in this morning. Well, standing here, I would like to deliver my speech under title “How to advance our education in Indonesia.
Ok, Ladies and gentlemen
Science and education are the most principal needs for the people. Because of that, The government has to guarantee the fulfillment of basic need without discriminating social statue, age and gender. In the case, This is declared in opening of the Indonesian Constitution 1945 “Developing the mentality of the nation life”.
Happy brothers and sisters, The government should improve education sector including the education system that allows all levels of society going to school through scholarships, the improvement of the quality of education and the teacher’s prosperity. The problem within the educational sector will be never settled if the government does not have the commitment to the quality of education. Take an example; only 9 % of the whole national budget is allocated for education in Indonesia. It is a proof that the government has not shown its political will to improve the quality of the people’s life through education. This figure is the lowest among the countries with compared to ASEAN. Our neighbor countries like Malaysia which allocates more than 20 % of its national budget, Thailand 22 % and Singapore 19 %. On the other hand, our education sector in Indonesia has not been put an important priority in the political issue.
Happy friends,
There are at least three main reasons why education has not attained its success.
First: The government has not got its political will to improve the quality of education, such as education national budget is very minimum.
Second: The people and the student’s parents have not realized about the importance of the quality education.
Third: The capability of the educational institution in management is still so far what is expected.
All these mean that is a big problem for us. If we want to have a better future, I personally think there some suggestions to solve the problem above. They are:
1. There should be strong political will to improve the quality of education in our country for example; increasing education national budget, giving scholarships to the teacher has no academic qualification (S1), free school fee for the poor students.
2. Educational Institution should be given opportunities as much as possible to carry out the job based on the real need of the community. Everyone especially teacher should understand about what the student actually needs. Not only the knowledge which is given through school subjects, they don’t merely need mathematic, biology but they also need the skill of community, the skill of interaction, the skill of cooperative with others.
3. Educational activities should be projected towards the future. This means that everything we do in the educational institutional should be directed towards the fulfillment of the people’s basic need in the future.
Finally the most important thing is a real effort to develop a good character for our student. What can we do with this? Is it enough just to give “Pendidikan Agama” and PPKN which are given only 2 hours every weeks? Of course it is not enough. We should give integrate moral values, religion teaching and good culture within every subject in the curriculum such as; we teach biology to the students by inviting students to think about the miracle of nature, who created the nature.
If all these can be realized, I am very optimistic that the quality of education can advance and will have a great contribution to the prosperity of the coming generation.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Here is my speech. We hope my speech can be beneficial for the future of our education. Thanks all and the last say….


Legislative general election 2009 has been done. KPU and some survey institutions stated real quick count and placed democrat party in the first position with a majority vote 20 % prededed by PDI-P, GOLKAR and the others. This result moved some leaders of politic party to probe coalision of parties for the coming president election on july 2009.
As if Legislative general election 2009 run well to manifest procedural and substantial democracy which protected and guaranteed basic rights like civil, politic, economy, social and culture. However, this general election still set aside a complex problem if we compared the previous general elections. We often hear information from mass media that there were many fouls happened in general election 2009 we found. General election which followed by 44 parties and put majority vote for candidate of DPR and DPRD members as well as parliamentary threshold are exactly more complicated than general election 2004. Of course, quick count and determining general election result will need long time and have own complexity.
Standing here, we are going to deliver a discourse about how to make healthy general election 2009 toward an ideal Indonesian government. Faithfully and shortly from this speech, we will also explain crucial problems happened in general election 2009 as the principle of general election is to develop an ideal government which aims to improve a process and quality of democracy life in our beloved nation.
Ladies and gentlemen,
We only note some big problems in realization process of general election namely;
1. Money politic. It can not be denied that during realization process of general election in Indonesia. Money politic is a common thing. This case gives a proof for us that our community is very easy to be trapped in a moment earthly interest from legislative candidate. General election arena will change into politic disaster if criteria of figure victory is determined and measured by money.
2. The bad quality of general election campaign from politic parties. The current campaign looks alike to keep ignorant people with entertainments. The most thing is; the people are happy and satisfied with a campaign. General election as democracy festivity is meant by politic parties as a fight “dead or alive”. They also mean it as a bright future to reach position in state palace. It is really ironic that politic parties only expect civil sympathy for getting authority and forget civil fate when they hold the power.
3. Management technical defect and politic determination which caused million people lost constitutional rights. This related on badness of permanent voter list (DPT), disorder of ballot for voting. Most of white group (GOLPUT) also illustrate this democracy party. People who don’t vote constitute a deep accumulation toward disbelief to parliament or party leader who don’t take sides with civil when they holds the power.
4. Government was imprinted to let disorder of general election process which disobeys democracy and PEMILU principles. From the facts above, we think that legislative general election has a serious defect. As a consequence, democracy process which is still developed in our country gets decline as well as threats president election (PILPRES) 2009.
Ladies and gentlemen, How we can develop an ideal government if a process of general election realization is not still suitable with our hopes. That is why, there must be good solution to overcome big problems above in order that we improve ourselves especially to welcome the coming president election on July 2009.
Ladies and gentlemen,
There are some beneficial solutions for us to improve process of general election. They are;
1. Improve process of general election especially about permanent voter list (DPT). Learning from experiences 9 April 2009, General Election Commission has to recover and make up to date a permanent voter list (DPT) by applying de jure and de facto principle. KPU must make a complaint post soon for the people who can not use their rights in general election 2009. They who come to complaint post must be soon noted as voter addition.
2. The coming general election campaign must be more qualified by considering five things namely one: is general election exactly done based on the rules?, Two: Can general election campaign convince people with good programs?,Three; Are there any deceptions or money politic to the people with some promises?,Four; Can a campaign introduce representatives of party leader?,Five; does a campaign touch main problems of our country?
3. History will note an attitude “accepting victory or a defeat”, giving a congratulation and moral support to the winner as well as inviting parties to contribute together. That is a good attitude. A very sportive action showed by Hillary Clinton when she admitted the winning of Barrac Obama from democrat party and happily supports campaigns of Barrac Obama. It should not be done to bring down and disfigure a taken policy. That’s why, attitude of politic elite invites all communities to follow and accept the result of general election peacefully.
4. To form an ideal, strong, civilized government, party coalition is very necessary. Developing solid government coalition is not easy thing in politic reformation era which follows presidential system with party multi system. Effectiveness and government stability are difficult to reach except if there are same vision and mission from party coalition, strong commitment from cabinets and supporter in parliament to manifest vision and mission. And the most important thing is, Party coalition must give a priority the future of nation, not for private interest. All parties must take a part to support government to overcome nation problems. We should not blame each other, make a big conflict because what we need right now is we loose and free from multidimensional crisis happened in our beloved country.
Ladies and gentlemen…
Here is my short speech, I hope my speech will be beneficial for us to succeed the coming general election especially president election on July 2009. With the next general election, Indonesia will meet an ideal, strong and civilized government which finally become into big nation, advanced nation in the world. May Allah SWT always give guidance our beloved nation.
And the last I say Assalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb


Standing here, we are going to deliver an interesting title about The Impact of Face Book for Teenager.

Ladies and gentlemen…
What are you going to do when you face the window of virtual world which is ready to send you everywhere? Opening email, news site, blogging? Or opening social websites or others? You exactly agree with my opinion if I think that almost the people tend to open social websites such as face book at first than others sites. And do you know what face book means?
Well, as we all know face book is a social networking site as new media for the user of internet to express ourselves especially through pictures, short message to answer short questions too.
Face book comes in the midst of the wider community in general and students in particular, is to facilitate friendship, communication, and expanding the network / connection, and allows people to each other in fulfilling the needs of social beings who depend on each other. Face book is growing exponentially and will grow in the future too because it connects people of different caste, religion and countries together.

Happy brothers and sisters
The presence of high technology like Face book can give some benefits for the users.
1. Reinforcement Hospitality
One of the reasons people use face book is to strengthen brotherhood or friendship although limited to only through facebook.
2. Knowing our potential
Face book has a variety of applications that can be used by users for free. In this application, we can see what potential there is in us even though it was limited to an application.
3. Media campaign
Face book can also be used as a promotional medium. Many who advertise products, services, agencies, etc. through face book as a means of media campaigns for example, during the legislative elections. The candidates use Face book as a means of campaigns and mobilize support.
4. To Facility discussions
on face book, we can join the various communities or groups that are not limited, to join the course you must be invited by the admin community or group.

But, unfortunately Face book also leads to negative impact for users. They are:

1. Wasteful. This means It was obvious wasteful, especially when we use hand phone. We must fill pulse just to check or change the status of Face book.
2. Face book can also make you lazy to learn, do chores or work that we should do.

Ladies and Gentlemen:
To protect ourselves from the negative impact, I personally give you all smart solutions. You should consider some other important things as well.
First: while you can meet new friends online, you may also come into contact with spite people misrepresenting themselves. These are people you don’t want to know. Internet thieves and sexual predators are only too eager to exploit personal information found on social networking sites.
Second: Keep your private information. Never post your full name, Social Security number, address, phone number, financial information or schedule. These will make you vulnerable from thieves, scams, burglars, or worse.
Third: Think twice before posting your photo. Photos can be used to identify you offline. They can also be altered or shared without your knowledge
Fourth: Use your common sense. If you are contacted by a stranger online, find out if any of your established friends know the person, or run an online search on them (after all, you can use these things to your own benefit too!). If you agree to meet them, make it in a public place and invite others to join you.
Fifth: Trust your instincts. If you feel threatened or uncomfortable during an online interaction, don’t continue the dialogue. Report any offensive behavior to the social networking Web site administrators.
Sixth: Be careful. Don’t take any information you receive from a new online contact at face value. The Internet makes it easy for people to say or do things they would never say or do in public or in face-to-face interactions. Protecting yourself is the smart thing to do.
Ladies and gentlemen…
Here is my short speech; I hope my speech will be beneficial for us to succeed the coming generation with the presence of the high technology in modern era. May Allah SWT always give guidance for us
And the last I say Assalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb


The meaning of hero for everyone is exactly different. And the meaning of hero will change preceded with the era growth. Years ago, hero is more emphasized to the people that defend our country from colonial domination. Nowadays emphasizing the meaning of hero becomes larger. But is hero today same with the last hero? Exactly not, because we are in the independence world. So What is the form of real hero today?
The answer is teacher. Teacher is one of form of heroism today. Teacher is proper given predicate of hero. Because of remembering teacher’s struggle and sacrifice that are given to young generation in order that young generation becomes the best generation not only having intellectual but also morality. How crucial teacher’s role is, Until when Japan was devastated by atom bomb. The Caesar Hirohito did not ask “how many soldiers, tank, and fighter jet did we have?” But he asked; How many teachers were still alive? He understood that teacher has crucial role in developing country. He didn’t worry Japan will be completely destroyed forever because there were still teachers alive. This is not strange for only short time; Japan would be come back as developed country. This happened since Japan maximized teacher’s role.
Back to our country, The fact that happens today is term of teacher as hero without commendable sign according to me that humiliated teacher’s status or doesn’t appreciate teacher. If we observe, teacher is associated as a hero but verdicted contemptibility that He is without commendable sign.
For receiver, in this case teacher without commendable sign can be interpreted that teachers don’t hope or ask an appraisal in doing their duty. They are honest and straight forward in teaching with wage which is not sufficient to fulfil family need in a month.
The giver of commendable; society or government will interpret that It was fate teacher is not necessary to give a commendable. That implicates to government and society do not feel to have the obligation in giving commendable sign. Let’s see the example there are some teachers have two professions. At the morning they are as teachers, at the afternoon they are as driver. So don’t amazed if there are some teachers, who have another profession like driver, don’t prepare themselves to teach at the school and finally the quality of students is very low.
As their fate is less paid attention. Their life welfare is still in a dream. Facility at their school is still like colonial era. If may compare condition in Malaysia. The teacher’s wage in Malaysia is enough to be eaten three months. Its facility is very sophisticated and complete. Then there are some people comment, “Don’t too demand for a salary increases, teacher! Don’t blame that, the government ability in paying wage is enough here.
Their opinion is wrong. They should be aware. From where do they can read? From where do they write? From where does employee get position and intelligence? That all are from teacher. At this very moment, all have been taught by teacher. Appreciate teachers! Give attention to teacher because knowledge will be beneficial if student doesn’t appreciate them.
That’s why I personally think that
1. Omit the degree which humiliates “teacher is hero without commendable sign” Change that degree with “teacher is nation hero.
2. For teacher, keep on your teaching and be the best and professional teacher. Teacher is like world job, but akhirat wage. As their glory, the highest wage will be received when at the here after namely going into the heaven at first. Otherwise teacher is the first person going to the hell.
That all my speech, we hope this will be trigger for us to appreciate the teacher’s commendable which becomes the key of development for our beloved country.

Let’s Arouse Sport of Beloved Indonesia

Ladies and gentlemen,
Indonesia has established its independence to the world. As long time, a perseverance of Indonesian’s Son had effort to defend this Indonesian independence with a hard struggle, sweat and blood. Since the first independence era, Indonesia always got a great challenge either internal or external. In colonial period, a concentration of this nation is to defend Indonesian independence. At the moment, there were many shocks of nation disintegration trigged by another nation as well as our nation itself. Since socio-political in Indonesia, the people were made a doctrine to think about how to fulfil this independence. It is obvious that our government at the time got a big temptation affected by a great dictator. However if we see, both of Indonesian government era had contributed sweet achievements in the world of sport. Take an example Lee Swee and Rudy Hartono, they were as badminton athlete who gave a big contribution toward the advance of sport in Indonesia. Achievements of Indonesian sport in past time had raised a prestige or good image of Indonesia in the eye of other nations

Well, happy juries,
Today, Indonesian people had more freedom to produce a master work and innovate. All Indonesian areas are almost supplied with electricity. A construction of sport surplus in international standard has spread all over Indonesia including Jakarta, East Kalimantan, South Sumatera and Riau. This condition should have assisted Indonesian sport achievement in world arena. However Indonesian sport achievement in this time tends to be stagnant interval till descent. In the previous SEA GAMES, Indonesia got only in the fifth level. Thomas and Uber Cup are always dominated by China. In Asian Cup of Indonesian football could not defend from group phase although Indonesia acted as host.

Happy brothers and sisters,
There is a big question for us toward reasons of our sport fact of having fallen behind from Asian countries. As one of state image projection is not only seen from prosperity, education, economy and military, Sport sector also becomes a sweet image projection about how world community views a state.
Happy the juries,
Basically, there are many reasons caused condition of our sport fact of having fallen behind from Asian and western countries. They are:
1. The lack of sport facility as well as financing of our sport still becomes a classic problem which threats sport founding in many areas.
2. There is unique thing from what we analogy a nation character. A minimum of our sport achievement in this time is the same as a minimum of Indonesian nationalism because of an effect of globalization era. It affected on mindset of Indonesian people for materialism. Take an example, some cases showed by Football player team of PSSI rejected to become PELATNAS because of unmatched payment. Some of Indonesian sport player do not have a pure intention to struggle national sport achievement for the name of Indonesia but for the short interest.
3. We may not blame athletes who think only material in their duties completely. It happened because government never gives a proper appreciation to the athletes who succeeded to perfume name of their nation. That is a dilemma between willing to put out Indonesian flag on the stage and appreciation from our government.
4. Founding and developing our sport has not been maximal yet. It means that developing our sport can not be done instantly without a mature planning. The government in this time trains and develop our athlete who has attained the age. If it is done continuously, we will have no strong fundamental in sport sector.

Well, ladies and gentlemen,
Looking back problems above, here we will give a better critic and suggestion to advance Indonesian sport sector.
1. Build and complete our surplus of sport. It can make athletes to train maximally
2. Nationalism of our athletes must be maintained and become a doctrine toward the advance of Indonesian sport sector. The government must also appreciate our athlete achievement. Loot at China and Malaysia, their athletes have a high nationalism to their country as well as their government gives a high prosperity guarantee for their achievement in advancing sport sector.
3. Our sport development can be done early with a good planning. The government and sport organization have to look for young athletes who have a great talent to be developed and prepared into competent athletes.
4. Beginning from now, let’s think wholly. Problems of our sport become our responsibility. President of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono invited all components of nation to dig and advance Indonesian sport sector continuously. Let’s strengthen the unity of nation through sport. Let’s develop a strong nation character through sport. Let’s increase noble spirit and sportiveness through sport. Let’s increase Indonesian image in the global level through sport. The name of Indonesia is not only seen from prosperity, education, economy and military but Indonesia is also seen from sport achievement. Well ladies and gentlemen let’s think together to advance and liberate our sport for The Mighty God, nation and for us.

That all my speech, we hope this will be trigger for us to advance our sport which becomes the key of development for our beloved country.


In modern era with his technology forward rapidly, the human mind is also the longer the sophistication of science. One of technologies used around the world is internet. Internet can be used by anyone from children to adolescents. Most people like by all facilities that attract them. They can download the music they want. The others can also play games. There are many advantages offered by the internet that can add friends through chatting net, email, friendster, face book and others. With the all facilities, they can keep in touch with friends or relatives even though they are in distance away because they moved out of the city or countries. For the learners, many students use the internet for research as it contains websites with information on just about every subject that is possible to imagine. In some countries, school even provide free internet access for the students in their learning resource centers
Ladies and gentlemen…
In other side, the use of internet by children and young people raises an ethical dilemma because the internet also brings us negative impacts. There are some irresponsible websites that offer those pictures or pornography video. This case makes us upset about this situation. With the presence of internet in this era, young people are very labile to cross the line. Many criminals that happen in our country are caused by bad side from internet.
Happy brothers and sisters..
The news in mass media like Rape, sexual abuse, murder etc was a concrete proof for our failure to select and make a filter on the presence of internet. Internet also affects on children physiological as well as addictive person. Someone who uses internet will be hooked and makes them in front of computer for hours until they forget to do household. They do not even socialize more with other people.
Happy the juries…
From the fact above, what should we do? Should we blame anyone or the other? Exactly not. This is our responsibility. We may not blame anyone. An effort we do is to avoid our children cross the line and disobey the law. Well the juries….
There are some beneficial suggestions to reencounter negative impact of internet.
1. We should do something based on our capacity. As the parents, the role of parents now is very necessary to monitor the lives of children. The children at the age of teenagers are more unstable. They search in the self and are very easy to do something wrong, affected by outside world. If the child in environment is good, he or she becomes a good child, otherwise if the child in environment is bad, he will be also bad. Parents should limit what should be seen and what should not be seen by children.
2. As teachers, they should direct their students into a good way if the students often use internet. Teachers also explain the danger or disadvantage of using internet. By giving the right comprehension, the students realize on what they should do and use internet well.
3. The involving of owner of internet and government are also important. At least owner of internet should make a sensor or block bad sites that influence young generation. Young generation must be saved because they are nation hope. Government also socializes about the use and benefit of internet through seminar, positive activities

Well ladies and gentlemen
That’s all my speech, we hope this suggestion will be smart solution to overcome the danger of presence of internet and we also hope that we can obtain the positive side from internet. This means that what we can do to increase the effectiveness of this medium is to use it wisely! It is a tool that needs to be used with a sense of responsibility and common sense – if only everyone would understand and follow these ethics of Internet!
Juries, brothers and sisters. Thanks for all Wassalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb

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